Free Download: De Sepulchro Vergilii (Gervase of Tilbury – Otia Imperialia)

the cover of a booklet featuring a black and white engraving of ruined tombs with two figures in the middle ground between them. Trees grow out of the tops of the structures. Above the image is the text "De Sepulchro Vergilii" and below "from the Otia Imperialia by  Gervase of Tilbury edited by Hugh McElroy

UPDATE: Corrected a vocabulary entry and footnote in the initial document 11/27/2022

Have you been craving a tale of medieval Vergilian reception, attempted necromancy, angry villagers, and a spell-book? Just in time for your holiday reading pleasure a short, reading-focused edition of Gervase of Tilbury’s account of an Englishman’s attempt to gain Vergil’s magic arts by finding his bones in a tomb hidden near Naples!

The text is geared toward intermediate students of Latin but should be enjoyed by advanced readers as well.

Vocabulary not found in the DCC Core Latin Vocabulary list is provided on the left-hand page while the text is on the right.

12 pages. Free to download. If you’d like to read it as a booklet, print double sided with the binding on the short-edge side and fold down the middle. If you’re interested in a printed copy, or would like to see more of this type of reading available online and in print, drop a line via the contact page!

I’d also love feedback about how this sort of resource could be more useful to students and teachers.

Click to download Gervase of Tilbury – De Sepulchro Vergilii

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