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Curious about learning Latin? Already studying/studied Latin but want to get better at understanding texts more by reading than by translating? Need to brush up your Latin for grad school? There’s a course for you here! I have taught Latin in schools and privately for 25 years and the core of my practice is giving students a lot of input in Latin, whether that’s through spoken Latin or readings pitched to students’ level of comprehension. You shouldn’t have to wait years to read enjoyable Latin! Brief course listings are below.

If there’s a text, author, or genre you’re interested in reading, or if the times the classes run don’t work for you, I’m available for individual instruction. Alternatively if you can get together a small group of interested people, I can potentially create a custom class.

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“A truly gifted teacher, Hugh has opened up a world of Latin language and culture for my son. In his teaching, he expertly blends deeply informed pedagogical sophistication with creative student engagement. Plus, he makes language learning just plain fun. Any student lucky enough to study with Hugh is in for a truly terrific experience.”

–  James Loeffler, Professor of History, University of Virginia

“Hugh’s long experience with Latin has been evident from my first class with him. He is an enthusiastic teacher who is both deeply knowledgeable about the language and effective at teaching it online. Each lesson is a mix of listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities, which cover new material and reinforce concepts from previous lessons. I have taken the first two of his introductory courses and plan to take more.” – Jacob P., Student (Fabulae Mythicae A&B)

“It was a really comfortable experience – I was worried about my Latin being rusty but you met me right where I was. I also could tell I was improving a ton week-to-week.” – Student (Intermediate Latin Reading – Historia Apollonii Regis Tyri)

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