Murmurs in the Sanctuary

Free Download: De Sepulchro Vergilii (Gervase of Tilbury – Otia Imperialia)

UPDATE: Corrected a vocabulary entry and footnote in the initial document 11/27/2022 Have you been craving a tale of medieval Vergilian reception, attempted necromancy, angry villagers, and a spell-book? Just in time for your holiday reading pleasure a short, reading-focused edition of Gervase of Tilbury’s account of an Englishman’s attempt to gain Vergil’s magic arts…

Short Summer Updates

I’ve been focusing this summer on the student edition of Historia Apollonii Regis Tyri (HA), getting ready for a new teaching post, and another only-tangentially-classics/Latin-related project. As a result I didn’t post any classes for the summer and I haven’t updated this in a while. There will be updates soon, though, so here are some…

Courses live for Piscina Mirabilis spring (April-May) term!

We are continuing to offer introductory Latin using primarily communicative approaches (Fabulae Mythicae A-B and C-D) and more traditional reading/translation-oriented intermediate courses. In one class, we’ll be reading the second half of Historia Apollonii Regis Tyri (the story is compelling even if you only have the gist of the first half) – with some possible…

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