Short Summer Updates

A medieval woodblock print of the Cimmerian Sibyl depicted as a middle aged woman with long flowing hair wearing medieval European dress

I’ve been focusing this summer on the student edition of Historia Apollonii Regis Tyri (HA), getting ready for a new teaching post, and another only-tangentially-classics/Latin-related project. As a result I didn’t post any classes for the summer and I haven’t updated this in a while. There will be updates soon, though, so here are some links to things I’m excited about and some things to expect before too long:

• Updates to the posts about learning materials for beginning and intermediate students of Latin, including new open access materials by Philip Thibodeau (Somnium Latinitas) and Dan Conway (IB Eutropius Reader on the Year of the Four Emperors)

• Some work I’ve been doing on Queering the Past(s), an initiative to provide resources for teaching secondary students about gender and sexuality in the ancient world

• A sneak preview of the HA reader

• The next round of Piscina Mirabilis classes, hopefully coming in early-mid autumn

This week, though, I’m mainly focused on that other project.

More soon!

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