Feedback on our course offerings

Salvēte omnēs,

We’ve reached the quarter point of the first term of classes at Piscina Mirabilis. It’s been great so far and highly enjoyable for me (and, so I gather, for at least some of the students)! One student has already given me incredibly constructive feedback about some activities within the Fabulae Mythicae A course, and I’d like to hear from you about what might be helpful in the coming terms.

The Aethiopica and Medieval Latin selections courses didn’t run this term due to lack of sign-ups. I’m hoping to learn a bit more about whether there are ways to make these course more appealing to potential students, or if it would be better to offer other classes, classes at different times, or if there’s something I haven’t thought of yet!

To find out more, I’ve made a short poll aimed at people who might like to take a course online here, or might have considered it but decided against it, or might just be interested in the current state of independent ancient-language pedagogy. I’d really appreciate you taking a few minutes to take the poll.

Happy New Year! We hope to see you in classes in 2022.  

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